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How to use the MU* listing layout

Main page - MU* Listing

Details: Click on the 'View' link to see a more detailed view of the MU* you wish. This has info such as ip number, admin email, code type and originality, and a short blurp about the MU* by the admin.
Name: This displays the 'Name' of the MU*. If you click on the name, you will be taken to their website. *NOTE: If you click on the column header for 'Name', it will arrange the MU*s in order by name.
Type: This displays the 'Type' of MU* it is, such as MUSH or Talker or MUD. **NOTE: If you click on the column header for 'Type', it will arrange the MU*s in order by type.
PK Status: This displays what type of player environment the MU* has. Talkers are normally N/A because their purpose is for chatting alone. Some MU* are also N/A because they are either a chat MU*, or they discourage Player Killing. Limited PK means that there are certain rules you have to follow in order to kill other players. Forced PK means you will always be in a player killing mode. **NOTE: You can click on the column title for PK Status to arrange the list in order of status.
Counts: This is a scale of 1 to 10 on how active the MU* is. This is not normally the actual count, but rather a general idea of what to expect as far as user count in that type of MU*. **NOTE: You can click on the column title for Counts to get it to arrange the list in order of count ranking.
Quality: Much like the Counts, this is a ranking from 1 to 10 on how much effort was put into the MU*. This is pretty much my opinion, so don't hold it against the place if it is a little low. Many times I might find a place is not newbie friendly, or the people are unhappy there, etc, and that will lower the rank. **NOTE: You can click on the column title for Quality to display the list in order of Quality ranking.
Age: This is the recommended age by the admin of the MU* that they wish to be on their MU*. All ages means it shoudl be safe for everyone, but you never know so be careful. I have caught one every now and then trying to fake an all ages when they were clearly not. The 13+ is most likely a place that does not want little kids on their because of the atmosphere, and does not mean they are adult themed. 18+ however most likely means that this is adults only, and you really should heed their warning. 21+ means that there is probably some real serious stuff in there, and only the strong of stomach should go. **NOTE: Just like every other column, this one will allow you to arrange it in order of Age.
Address: This is the address and port of the MU*. You can click on it to open up a telnet window and log right into the MU* (if you have it setup ok. Linux and Windows are normally set up right by default.) **NOTE: You guessed it. This one will arrange itself by address if you click the column title.
Up Status: This is the automated connection checker which will indicate if the MU* was up last time it checked. Currently it runs at 4am and 2pm. It also lets me know when something goes down, so I can check on it myself later on and verify it is down. If any MU* admin wants this system to tell you, let me know. **NOTE: Click on Up and you get it ordered by Up/Down, click on Status and get it ordered by number of days.
List Age: This shows when the last time an admin changed something on their listing. **NOTE: You can arrange it by Modify date if you click on the column title.
More info to come.

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