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Online Gaming Resource

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MUSH address and port: ogrmush.com:6700
Ip address:
Program type: MUSH
Count Ranking: 10/10
Quality Ranking: 7/10
Admin's email: siobhan@onlineroleplay.com
Percent of code that is original: 90%
Percent of areas that are original: 100%
Original code base: TinyMUX
PK Enforced, PK Optional, or No PK MU*: N/A
The ages allowed in the MUSH: All
Webpage of the MUSH: http://www.ogrmush.com/
Is the MUSH currently up? No
When has the up/down status last been changed? 2007-01-31 04:00:37.99176-08
Date and time the MUSH was first listed: 2001-04-11 10:58:37-07
Date and time the MUSH was last modified: 2003-04-27 08:33:33.744859-07 (7224 days ago)
A short description of the MUSH submitted by their admin.

OGR MUSH is dedicated to providing resources for the MU* community. It was created on the premise of providing a positive environment where players and staff in the MU* community can meet to chat, promote their games, and to share their ideas and knowledge.

Features on OGR include gaming options (mini-MUs, table tops and freestyle gaming), game embassies, events (classes, workshops, discussions, etc.), bulletin boards and web-based discussion forums, banner exchanges, etc.

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