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Alter Aeon

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MUD address and port: xirr.com:3000
Ip address:
Program type: MUD
Count Ranking: 10/10
Quality Ranking: 7/10
Admin's email: soda@xirr.com
Percent of code that is original: 100%
Percent of areas that are original: 100%
Original code base: DentinMud 2.05 (Custom)
PK Enforced, PK Optional, or No PK MU*: PK Limited
The ages allowed in the MUD: All
Webpage of the MUD: http://www.dentinmud.org
Is the MUD currently up? Yes
When has the up/down status last been changed? 2009-03-04 04:06:49.953036-08
Date and time the MUD was first listed: 2001-11-16 10:50:18-08
Date and time the MUD was last modified: 2009-01-01 12:24:08.298815-08 (5148 days ago)
A short description of the MUD submitted by their admin.

Alter Aeon is a custom multiclass MUD with swords and sorcery theme. It has a huge custom world of over 25000 rooms, with hundreds of areas to explore and puzzles to solve. There are always other players available, whether for help, competition, or just to talk with. Alter Aeon also has blind-friendly modes and filters for the visually impaired.

New players will find an extensive support structure of Avatars, low level areas and quests specifically designed for newbies, as well as extensive on-line help and FAQs. Advanced players will find no shortage of areas to explore, quests to complete, or items to find. Clans, guilds, and player owned shops provide an entertaining place to spend down time.

There is a place for everyone here. The brave of heart can trek to the edges of the world in search of fortune and fame, and sometimes bring home vast treasures. Those less confident in their abilities can remain in safer or more protected lands, or join up with others to reduce risk. Come test your mettle in the world of Alter Aeon!

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