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The Builder's Academy

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Other address and port: builderacademy.net:9091
Ip address:
Program type: Other
Count Ranking: 3/10
Quality Ranking: 8/10
Admin's email: wintersn.geo@yahoo.com
Percent of code that is original: 20%
Percent of areas that are original: 70%
Original code base: Latest CircleMUD with OasisOLC and DG Scripts
PK Enforced, PK Optional, or No PK MU*: No PK
The ages allowed in the Other: All
Webpage of the Other: http://builderacademy.net/
Is the Other currently up? Yes
When has the up/down status last been changed? 2011-03-25 17:05:59.632543-07
Date and time the Other was first listed: 2003-04-12 19:50:40.115738-07
Date and time the Other was last modified: 2004-02-03 07:04:12.728238-08 (6942 days ago)
A short description of the Other submitted by their admin.

TBA has been open to anyone interested in learning or teaching how to build using Oasis OLC with dg scripts since 2000. The current developer of DG scripts, Welcor, uses The Builder's Academy (TBA) as the development port for DG scripts. Now TBA has expanded to also be used to develop stock zones for CircleMUD. TBA has trained over 1000 builders and has an extensive tutorial and help file system. No pressure, no deadline, just come learn, teach, or help develop CircleMUD. Give back to the community we have all taken so much from. TBA is a CircleMUD resource. Take advantage of it so we can improve all of CircleMUD. TBA can also be used by other MUDs as a builder's port. Just send us your newbie builders. We will teach them and then you can have them back with the zones they built. We have now opened up a player's port to test zones and develop stock CircleMUD. We have 175 zones ready for testing and free to download. Help play testing these zones would be appreciated. Check it out at: builderacademy.net 5000 []

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