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FlipSide Muck

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MUCK address and port: muck.flipsidemuck.org:9999
Ip address:
Program type: MUCK
Count Ranking: 5/10
Quality Ranking: 6/10
Admin's email: tursi@flipsidemuck.org
Percent of code that is original: 50%
Percent of areas that are original: 60%
Original code base: Fuzzball 5.64
PK Enforced, PK Optional, or No PK MU*: No PK
The ages allowed in the MUCK: All
Webpage of the MUCK: http://www.flipsidemuck.org
Is the MUCK currently up? Yes
When has the up/down status last been changed? 2008-06-27 16:02:24.083034-07
Date and time the MUCK was first listed: 2003-09-15 21:29:51.692837-07
Date and time the MUCK was last modified: 2004-04-08 14:44:58.07996-07 (6877 days ago)
A short description of the MUCK submitted by their admin.

FlipSide is a Multiple-World Environment, bringing together diverse and interesting cultures for a different roleplay experience. While inter-world travel is discouraged, central gathering points for all the characters to relax OOC make for an interesting and colorful mix. :)

Currently, FlipSide has six active worlds:

  • El Dogrado Set in an Aztec-themed environment, with dogs!
  • Fur City OOC world for settling back and relaxing
  • Irken Invasion New world based on the concepts of Invader Zim
  • Pridelands World based on The Lion King
  • Realms of Bastet An anthropomorphic version of Ancient Egypt, complete with gods and goddesses
  • Tir a' Turlach a Deigh Tir is a fantastical world with a Robin Hood/Medieval flavor.
  • All worlds except Fur City are IC roleplay-based worlds with it's own unique culture, flavor and storyline. FlipSide is a PG-rated muck with emphasis on roleplay, not conflict. Check the web page for more information.

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