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The Greatest Generation

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MUSH address and port: war.isunlimited.net:7115
Ip address:
Program type: MUSH
Count Ranking: 1/10
Quality Ranking: 1/10
Admin's email: cpscipio@yahoo.com
Percent of code that is original: 100%
Percent of areas that are original: 100%
Original code base: TinyMUSH 3.1
PK Enforced, PK Optional, or No PK MU*: No PK
The ages allowed in the MUSH: All
Webpage of the MUSH: http://warisunlimited.wikidot.com/
Is the MUSH currently up? Yes
When has the up/down status last been changed? 2009-03-06 16:07:29.45268-08
Date and time the MUSH was first listed: 2007-02-13 04:43:21.05596-08
Date and time the MUSH was last modified: 2007-02-13 20:17:27.930495-08 (5836 days ago)
A short description of the MUSH submitted by their admin.

TGG offers historical wartime roleplay in the 20th century, from 1918 to 1945. It is a tinyplot driven mush with battle scenarios handled by code but with staff supervision - despite the code it is a roleplay MUSH and RP is required, even during the battle scenes. We have done the trenches of World War 1 in the past, we plan on covering all the main aspects of World War 2 on land, sea and air in the fullness of time. From Spitfires over Britain in 1940, U-boats prowling in the Atlantic, tank battles in Africa, the landings of D-Day and the battle of Stalingrad, we hope to cover it all.

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