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October 2002

Added ability to filter by age. Also made the order by filter work with the age filter. Website now run by 'Maelstrom Staff' and not by Maelstrom alone.

November 2000

Sped up page loading when Apache was compiled to load DBI one time instead of each page view. Did some backend stuff to speed things up, you won't see anything different.

Added List Age column to listing to show how long ago a listing was changed. Also added the Up Status column to show if a MU* is up or down and how long it has been that way.

October 2000

The FAQ is now online and can be reached by using the navagation bar on top. This FAQ currently contains instructions on the features of the MU* List. I will be adding more FAQ info to that page as I get the time. I next aim for the Admin page FAQ.

July 2000

We are now at a new home. Much more stable, faster connection. I am trying to keep up with things as best I can, so if ratings look a bit odd, that is why. I may either remove ratings, make rating user driven, or just figure out a better method to do it with. I guess I will figure something out.

Just got done cleaning up the Mu* Listing Ring website. There was much to be optimized, and the HTML fragment is a lot cleaner as well. It looks a lot nicer on the backend as a result.

Also starting on remodeling the main page. The old way was pretty worn out and needed a change. I am going to go with something that doesn't need to scroll, and I also want to put server-side includes on all the pages so that page navigation is easier.

April 2000

Well, seems the server that this is on had a pretty bad crash. With that crash, I lost half of my database. This means that a lot of the mu* need to be re-added and some of the ones that were saved may need to be double checked. If you need any help with this, feel free to get ahold of me. Sorry for any problems this may cause, but it was nothing I could avoid.