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MU* Listing WebRing
About the ring: The ring was created to help those looking for MU* to play on.
Primarily, this ring is for actual lists, but I will accept MU* pages as well.
The only thing I ask is that you keep your ring sites clean and that you
have the usual ring html fragment on your page.
Links: If you would like to join the ring, add yourself to the queue here.
To see if you are still on the queue, go here.
To see the index of sites on this ring, go here.
To go to the main page for this site go here.
I also have a mu* listing, go here to view it.

Html fragment for those that are on the ring:

<!-- Begin HTML comment --------------------------------------------->
<!-- This is an HTMLfragment to be pasted at the bottom
<!-- of your webpage for the MU* Listing WebRing. It is what
<!-- links you to the rest of the ring.
<!-- Make sure you replace "*yourid*,*youremail*, and *yourname*"
<!-- with the right info.
<!-- Also, you can omit the comments section if you like.
<!-- End HTML comment ----------------------------------------------->
<!-- Begin HTML Fragment Code -->
This <a href="http://maelstrom.areth.org/mudlisting">MU* listing</a> site owned by
<a href="mailto:*youremail*">*yourname*</a><br>
<a href="http://maelstrom.areth.org/mudlisting">
<img src="http://maelstrom.areth.org/MULogo.gif" border="1" width="125" height="125" alt="MU* Listing"></a><br>
[ <a href="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=mudlisting;id=*yourid*;prev5">Previous 5 Sites</a>
| <a href="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=mudlisting;id=*yourid*;prev">Previous</a>
| <a href="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=mudlisting;id=*yourid*;next">Next</a>
| <a href="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=mudlisting;id=*yourid*;next5">Next 5 Sites</a>
| <a href="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=mudlisting;random">Random Site</a>
| <a href="http://www.webring.org/cgi-bin/webring?ring=mudlisting;list">List Sites</a> ]
<!-- End HTML Fragment Code -->

It should look like this when it is finished:
This MU* listing site owned by *yourname*
MU* List
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